BOMA Releases Significant Study on Electrification Policy

The concept of building electrification has evolved quickly to become a commonplace concept for jurisdictions strategizing ways to decarbonize at scale. Policymakers are turning toward electrification mandates—including bans on natural gas—but these policy discussions have often raced ahead of any consideration of the practical implications and challenges. BOMA has addressed this disconnect with the release of a groundbreaking study, “Electrification in Commercial Buildings,” which presents the need for a balanced, thoughtful approach if communities are going to meet their goals. Released at the Annual Conference, the 35-page paper provides an examination of electrification that did not exist previously, including an overview of the benefits and challenges, available technologies, current and future conditions of the electric grid, regional differences, and relevant public policy and programs. Among the key takeaways: building stakeholders should plan for electrification given market drivers and the policy landscape; and governments and utilities must plan for a future grid that emphasizes clean energy sources and efficient delivery. BOMA members are encouraged to circulate the study to colleagues, policymakers and elected officials, to help guide further discussions on the issue.